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National Swimming Pool Foundation--Certified Pool/Spa Operators Course

Please read the following carefully and call or email any questions.


CPO 2 Day Course, Includes CPO handbook, Pool math workbook, study guide and standard shipping.


CPO Fusion Course, eliminates 1st day of class, includes all above materials and online access code for online course work.


Class fee payable with check recieved 3 weeks prior to class(materials will ship when check clears) register online and you will have the opportunity to print registration form.


Visa, Mastercard, Am Express or Discover credit cards and PayPal through website.


Class fee may be applied to any location without penalty.


Cancellation of the class will incur a $25 administrative fee if materials not shipped.


Cancellation of the class will incur materials and administrative fee if materials shipped of $125 traditional or $175 Fusion , next day shipping not refundable.


Student must present a photo ID for admission to class, and attend all segments to sit for test.


A minimum score of 75% is required for certification.


A retesting fee of $35.00 fee will apply for a student who did not achieve a certification score. No additional class fee will apply.


 The NSPF CPO©  Training Program


for Swimming Pool Operation and Management


 What is the NSPF CPO© Program?


The National Swimming Pool Foundation’s CPO© Training Program provides training for efficient, effective, economical and safe use of swimming pools and spas.   The NSPF CPO© training program is beneficial to operators, owners, managers, service companies, public health officers or anyone who has interaction with an aquatic facility.  Operators will manage the facility more economically, efficiently and safer after taking the course and becoming certified NSPF CPO©s. 


To become a NSPF CPO©, a person must complete 14-16 hours of instruction and pass a written exam.  The NSPF CPO© training program is a national and international program widely accepted by health officials.  It is a requirement for commercial pool operators in many states and/or localities.  To date, over 75,000 NSPF CPO©s have been certified by the NSPF. 


Who is the National Swimming Pool Foundation?


The National Swimming Pool Foundation is a non-profit organization whose interest is research, education and safety in aquatics.  Recognizing the need for trained operators to manage public and commercial pool facilities, in 1974, NSPF developed the Certified Pool Operator© course.


Benefits of the NSPF CPO© Course


·         Proven educational tool


·         Widely accepted by local and state authorities


·         Covers all topics necessary for pool operators including a section for local and state codes.


·         Provides 14-16 hours of uniform instruction


·         Comprehensive textbook which can also be used as a reference tool


·         Successful completion of a written exam is required for certification


·         All courses are taught by certified NSPF CPO© instructors


·         NSPF CPO© certification is recognized nationally and internationally


General Information About the NSPF CPO© Course


·         Each student receives 14-16 hours of instruction by a certified instructor who is specifically trained to communicate the basic skills necessary to operate a pool or spa facility.  


·         The course is intensive and covers pool and spa chemistry, testing, treatment, filtration, maintenance, automatic feeding equipment, government requirements, etc.  


·         After completion of the instruction, the student must pass a written examination. 


·         Certification is valid five years, at which time a refresher course and/or a re-examination must be passed.

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