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APBFI Pool/Spa Servicing Contractor 60hr Course

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FL DBPR CILB Lic#CRS12503 Course #613802

FL DBPR CILB Provider #PVD1482

61G4-15.001Qualification for Certification.

(5) As an alternative to the experience required under sections 489.111(2)(c)1.-3., F.S., an applicant for certification as a swimming pool/spa servicing contractor must submit proof that the applicant meets the requirements of section 489.111(2)(c)6.d., F.S., by demonstrating one year of proven experience related to the scope of work of a swimming pool/spa servicing contractor as defined in section 489.105(3)(l), F.S., performed under the supervision of a certified or registered commercial pool/spa, residential pool/spa, or pool/spa servicing contractor, and demonstrating satisfactory completion of a sixty-hour course of instruction, approved by the Board pursuant to rule 61G4-18.004, F.A.C., and conducted by a course provider registered pursuant to rule 61G4-18.003, F.A.C., that consists of the following:

(a) One (1) hour each of instruction covering workers’ compensation insurance, workplace safety, contracting business practices, and the pool safety equipment provisions of chapter 515, F.S., and the Florida Building Code;

(b) Sixteen (16) hours of instruction consisting of the Certified Pool Operator Course of the National Swimming Pool Foundation or a substantially equivalent course. Training courses approved by the Department of Health pursuant to rule 64E-9.018, F.A.C., shall be deemed substantially equivalent courses; and

(c) Forty (40) hours of instruction utilizing an up to date publication from any National recognized swimming pool association, or substantially equivalent materials, and including instruction on the following topics: Structures – Pool Structures & Finishes; Spa & Hot Tub Structures, Finishes & Equipment Packs; Circulation System – Circulation & Piping; Hydraulics – Pumps, Pump Motors & Air Blowers, Filters, Heaters, Chemical Feeders & Generators; Chemistry – Chemical Safety, Water Testing & Water Treatment; Water Treatment – Chlorine; Water Treatment – Other; Water Balance; Electrical System – Basic Electricity, Safety Requirements & Pool/Spa Electrical Equipment, Lighting, Controls, Controllers & Control Systems; Maintenance – Routine Maintenance, Season & Special Care, Covers; and Dewatering.

Rulemaking Authority 489.108 FS. Law Implemented 489.111 FS. History–New 1-6-80, Amended 12-16-80, 6-30-82, 4-11-83, Formerly 21E-15.01, Amended 12-11-90, 8-21-91, 4-16-92, Formerly 21E-15.001, Amended 7-18-94, 12-16-01, 2-6-03, 6-23-04, 1-15-07, 6-19-07,  11-26-08, 4-22-12, 1-5-17, 9-30-19.

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