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Aquatic Facility Audits Handbook

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Every facility should establish procedures to ensure they prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. This is the reason why every aquatic facility should conduct self audits to reduce the risk of injury to patrons and staff at the facility. The purpose of the Aquatic Facility  program is to assist the management staff or companies servicing or managing a facility to:

  • Train staff
  • Conduct on-site self-audits
  • Conduct an aquatic facility audit
  • Develop operational and emergency procedures
  • Develop a proper documentation and maintenance plan
  • Recognize ways in which to improve operational and staff management

In this training program, you will learn the importance of safety audits and the objectives of a safety audit program. You will also learn how to plan and conduct a safety audit and how to inspect the work area and work practices. In addition, you will learn how to formulate recommendations for corrective action, make audit reports, and conduct follow-ups to ensure that the desired corrective actions are taken. Finally, you will learn what should be inspected when conducting a safety audit at an aquatic facility.


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